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Our aluminum architecture division imports quality products worldwide from countries such as usa, Germany, Italy, Greece, Korea and Malaysia. Our products range from complete range of aluminum accessories and fittings compatible to several aluminum systems, door locks for casement and sliding aluminum systems; polyamide strips for thermal break systems. P.v.c. Gaskets; high quality, heavy duty stainless steel friction stay arms for curtain wall top hung windows; polyethylene protective films for aluminum, glass, plastic sheets, wood, stainless steel and other kind of surfaces; machineries for protective films application on bars and flat sheets; complete lines for assembling aluminum profiles into thermal break. Portable punching machines for a.c.p fabrication; complete range of machinery for aluminum profiles fabrication; fly screen systems, operating vertically or horizontally, for single, double, or multiple shutters; foldable glass panels, patch fittings, spiders; aluminum sun barkersgouvers) fixed, manually and/ or electrically operating; aluminum composite panels etalons; extruded ceramic porcelain slabs and tiles for ventilated facades; venetian blinds between double glazing -manually and/or electrically operating; glass panels lifting equipment’s and cranes; special sun protection systems for windows and other related products.

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